Department of Taxation and Customs

The main objective of the Departments of Taxation and Customs is to provide students with the conceptual understanding and competence in taxation and customs.

The program is comprised of two segments:
– an economics-oriented academic segment common to customs and tax scholars,
-and a practicum segment which is divided into tax and customs, depending on the scholar’s stream.

The Department offers program leading to the degree Bachelor of Applied Economics, Course of Study: Taxation and Customs.

Program Curriculum

 First YearSecond YearThird Year
1Introduction to EconomicsTax ProceduresTax Accounting
2Managerial EconomicsAdministrative Law Foreign Trade
3InformaticsBusiness Informatics Business English
4Quantitative Methods for EconomistsEnglish Language IIEconomic Crime Law
5Basic AccountingPublic Finance Commercial Merchandising
6Introduction to LawCustoms Administration Elective 3: Entrepreneurship / Marketing
7StatisticsElective 1: International Economics / Economic Policy Elective 4: Public Management / Budget Accounting
8English Language I Elective 2: Management / Project Management Elective 5: Economics of the Public Sector / International Transport and Logistics