Department of Accounting and Audit

The Department of Accounting and Audit has built a strong reputation for excellence in accounting education and is highly regarded by accounting employers.

Accounting graduates are recruited by international, national and regional accounting firms, as well as local accounting firms, industry and government agencies.

Upon completion of this course students will know how to create a profit and loss statement and balance sheet and understand accounting terminology and important principles such as matching, disclosure, consistency, diversity, dependability, verifiability, conservatism and many other common accounting terms. Students will be able to prepare reports successfully. This course provides students with good knowledge of prepaid and accrued expenses, recording, capital account, closing and posting entries. Students will learn how to create a general journal and general ledger.

Auditing comprises the study of the principles underlying the practice of the independent audit function. These are applied to obtain audit evidence by way of logically organised procedures, and to the objective evaluation of the audit evidence collected, in order to express an opinion regarding the degree to which assertions made in financial reports in connection with economic activities correspond with actual events.

The Department offers program leading to the degree Bachelor of Applied Economics, Course of Study: Accounting and Audit.

Program Curriculum

 First YearSecond YearThird Year
1Introduction to EconomicsFinancial AccountingManagement Accounting
2Managerial EconomicsPublic Finance Financial Statement Analysis
3InformaticsBusiness Informatics Business English
4Quantitative Methods for EconomistsEnglish Language IIFinancial Management
5Basic AccountingBusiness Law Business Planning
6Introduction to LawAuditElective 3: Entrepreneurship / Marketing
7StatisticsElective 1: International Economics / Economic Policy Elective 4: Company Valuation / Special Purpose Financial Statements
8English Language I Elective 2: Management / Project Management Elective 5: International Business Finance / Industry Specific Accounting