Center for Economic Research

Over 80% of our academic team are involved in research and consultancy for a wide range of organisations, and most have held senior positions in business and industry, which enables them to bring practical and relevant experience to their teaching.

We consider these activities and experience to be of vital importance as they keep our academics at the forefront of business practice and enrich our students’ learning experience.

The Center for Economic Research in Belgrade, which operates within the College, connects theory and practice through communication and cooperation with experts from different fields, who are mainly employed in manufacturing and foreign trade companies and financial institutions.

One of the projects from the beginning of October 2014 is training of the journalists who are interested in following and reporting on economic activities, but it also suited for the young experts employed in different areas of economy who should understand how public media function and know the rules of their activities as it is beneficial in the process of their education and development of their managerial skills. The aim is to facilitate distribution of quality and accurate information, which is of extreme importance for providing timely information to the public or for promoting different marketing activities.

The Center for Economic Research works on improvement and promotion of knowledge in the field of financing and functioning of modern financial markets. Special attention will be paid to the rules regarding leading financial projects based on the work principles of the European Union, with a special emphasis on the area of cost control and risk management.

The Center plans to establish special small groups of talented students who will have an opportunity specialize in the world financial centers.